David Mascioni is the creative mastermind behind World of McIntosh and the Marketing Director for McIntosh Group. A long time New Yorker who grew up in Paris, David is a connoisseur of the finer things in life. He knows all the best spots to dine in all of the finest cities, can give you book recommendations, beat you at chess, and is known for his curated playlists. We invite you to get to know our fearless leader.

World of McIntosh is a creative mecca where inspiring people are always coming though, how does that influence your work?

Well, you should know that with so many people saying hi throughout the day, it gets tough to get any work done!

 No, seriously, these visits always boost creativity. The people I have the chance to encounter here are usually fascinating, but I think the townhouse creates a unique energy. People get inspired here. They get excited by the dynamic and beauty of the place when they first arrive, and it usually leads to creative conversations. Many of the partnerships and activations we did these past five years were born from someone who got inspired by visiting the townhouse and seeded an idea… Meeting these “visitors” is one thing I miss the most from our world before covid. Say hi to them for me? 

Do you find inspiration through your environment at WOM?

 I do, but again, I think everyone does.

This is the #1 strength of this place. It stimulates the mind; it invites creativity. By its dynamic, by its design, and of course, thanks to its sound. No matter if you are a marketer, a photographer, a designer, or a chef. This place will most probably inspire you and stimulate your mind. And by the way, this is precisely why we created WOM! We wanted it to be this oasis of creativity in the heart of Downtown Manhattan. The goal is and has always been to inspire people. That’s why you can’t purchase anything here. Having a “sale” element would ruin the experience. There is nothing to buy. You have to enjoy the experience, and inspiring you is what the venture aims to provide from a sound and visual standpoint from the moment you stepped in. 

 Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a seat and let us play you a song or two… take it in.

As a Friend of The House, what is your favorite part of being at WOM?

First and foremost, the team. I have the chance to work with a fantastic group of people here. They are all from diverse backgrounds, all very different characters, and they all participated in creating this place’s exceptional energy. Without this team, I don’t think WOM would be half of what it is today. Second, the sound, of course. Let’s be clear; I think the World of McIntosh Townhouse is the best place to listen to music in the world. Listening to the various systems while enjoying this one-of-a-kind design from Baxter is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And I recommend to anyone who has not experienced it to book an audio tour asap with Josh so you can see what I’m talking about. And I got your music selection covered if needed 😉  

Can you share a favorite memory from the house?

I have been working here for +5 years, so choosing only one is very challenging. That said, I felt pretty amazing during the magic hour of some of the events produced by Franz and our event team. At one point, when looking at these remarkable event productions and contemplating the energy of the guests moving around the space, you could feel you were at the right place at the right time in New York. That you were living something pretty cool and that you better enjoy it as much as you can because these kinds of happenings are pretty rare. 

Describe a typical day for you in NYC.

Well, you can be pretty certain to find me at WOM working during business hours. Outside of work, find me wandering in Soho’s McNally Jackson bookstore or grabbing a bite in the neighborhood. If it’s sunny, I’ll be at BoCaphe or Balzem’s terrace. Two of my favorite spots in the city. Once Jazz clubs are reopening in the city, I’ll be at Smalls once a week!

How do you unwind outside of the office—passions, hobbies, etc.?

Reading. It’s a habit I have since I am a kid. It has always been a solid escape for me, and I have a solid reading routine that keeps me sane. Ah, and I proudly picked up running under Covid. I was not too fond of it before, and now I am addicted to it. Like reading, I feel so much better after I do it, so I keep doing it more and more. So, if you need book recommendations or a running partner, hit me up!

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. This is the most valuable record I own. I can listen to it back-to-back, and it always takes me through an emotional journey.

 And please let me include another one: David August’s Times. August is making dance music, though his classical training has clearly influenced his debut album, which gives the tracks in this record a unique touch. 

Favorite city to visit?

My hometown. Paris. It’s pretty cool to feel like a tourist in your home city. My friends always make sure to show me the most excellent new spots, and there is a particular “lifestyle” in that city that I miss a lot.

Best concert you’ve ever been to?

 My first one, MUSE in Paris. I was not ready for it, and thinking back, I believe it has been a real life-changing experience for me: It’s when I realized how incredible a live show could be. 

Superpower of choice?

 Well, with Covid, this one is easy: Teleportation. I would love to teleport myself to Normandy, France, to visit the Parents and share a good bottle of wine with them. Probably some cheeses too… By the way, you have to try the cheeses in Normandy. Those give your tastebuds superpowers.

Favorite restaurant in NYC

What a tough one… I’ll split it this way: For American: The Waverly Inn. For French Lucien. For Italian: Emilio Ballato. 

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